This is a practical-minded guide to balancing the work-life responsibilities of caring for a family and running one’s own business, written by serial entrepreneurs who have done both. Chapters address principles of time management, keeping stress under control, tips and tricks for conserving both business and home life expenses, and long-term exit strategies (such as considerations to keep in mind if selling the business or passing it on to one’s children). The Entrepreneurial Parent is a “must-read” especially for mothers and fathers who seek to create their own business, and is also packed with valuable advice for any career professional with family responsibilities

This book busts through the myths surrounding entrepreneurship and work/life balance; walks you through the five phases of business life; teaches you powerful methods for how to cope with the phase you’re in now, and set yourself up well for the next phase; and teaches you simple strategies to help you deal with your biggest issues: guilt, stress, and lack of time.

Recommended by Diane Donovan

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